CosmoGrill Outdoor Barbecue 4+2 Platinum Stainless Steel Gas Grill BBQ (Silver With Cover)

Go for something large and luxurious in your garden this Summer with the CosmoGrill™ 4+2 Platinum Gas Barbecue. Ideal for larger parties or when your family are demanding a large variety of different foods, this barbecue is one you’ll love cooking on. It has a dominating presence that makes its own statement in any outdoor space and encourages everyone to stay a while longer for that special al fresco dining experience.

This Cosmogrill BBQ includes 4 stainless steel burners – producing up to 14kW of power. They can confidently cook a multitude of different foods from succulent meats through to crispy vegetables to perfection. An electronic ignition means you’ll be able to control each burner independently, giving you full control over your experience and minimising waste gas. A large and spacious double cupboard at the base provides ample space for cooking utensils, pots, pans or even your favourite sauces.

2 side burners are included as standard. The ideal place for warming up sauces or other side products for your meal. The lid allows this burner to reach optimal temperature while keeping it protected during storage. There is also a fully removable grease tray, speeding up the cleaning process and reducing maintenance after every single use.  And the double-layered hood includes an external thermometer for ample monitoring. Wheel this bbq to the perfect place for every celebration and get everyone together to celebrate these sunny days.

CosmoGrill Barbecue 4+2 Platinum Stainless Steel Gas Grill BBQ - Silver With Cover