Barbecue Tool Sets

With the summer now in full swing, many of us will be getting out the old barbecue set and inviting friends and family around for an afternoon of fun and feasts. If you’re new to the prospect of outside cooking, here’s our quick guide to everything you need for a successful barbecue.

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Barbecue Tool Sets: Your Essential Guide

The Traditional Spatula

A spatula has a flat, wide surface and is great for turning all sorts of food and most people have at least one in the kitchen. It’s always sensible, as with any barbecue tool, to spend and little extra money on a good spatula so that it will last for a long time. Ideally, look for something with soft edges that won’t damage delicate food.

Barbecue Gloves

The heat from your barbecue can be a problem and there is always the chance of a flare up or so when the fat gets a little too hot, even with gas barbecues. While you may want to appear the consummate BBQ professional cook when entertaining and feeding the guests, investing in a set of barbecue gloves makes sense even if you don’t use them all the time.

Tongs for Turning

No barbecue is complete without tongs. These are the perfect tool for quickly turning meat and vegetables on your grill and moving things around your barbecue to make space. Look for tongs with a long handle so that you won’t get your hands too close and be burned by the excessive heat.

Glazing Brush

If you want to coat meat or veg while it’s cooking or just before you put it on the grill, a good quality glazing brush with heat resistant, silicon bristles is an excellent idea. For those who like to experiment with their barbecue cooking, this is an absolute must.

Skewers for Kebabs

Putting meat and vegetables onto a skewer is a fantastic way to cook food on the barbecue. It also stops smaller food slipping through the grate. You can choose between simple disposable bamboo skewers or metal ones that you can use again and again. Just be sure with the metal varieties that you remove the meat onto a serving and don’t let your guests burn their hands.

A Griddle for Frying

You can also get a flat or grooved griddle which can fit on top of the barbecue grate. This allows you to have more flexibility in your cooking and prepare things like eggs and omelettes as well as pancakes. If you want to have greater variety in your barbecue prep this is the perfect thing to add to your tool set.

Wire Brush for Cleaning

Finally, you will need to clean your barbecue after you have finished for the day. Investing in a good quality wire brush that can help you get into all those hard to reach places will make your post barbecue wind down a lot less stressful.