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As the warm summer breeze carries the unmistakeable smell of deliciously cooked food around the neighbourhood, you instantly know another family is enjoying cooking a delicious meal outdoors within the confines of their garden. It’s a familiar scene throughout the country and without limitation.

Having a barbecue quite often involves getting together with friends and family, sharing the fun and usually with a few cold drinks too.  Barbecues allow us to make the most of the weather and create magical memories that we can cherish forever.

You’ll find an impressive range of barbecue deals on, which means you’ll easily find what you are looking for, whatever your requirements.

Great Gas Barbecue deals – Our Recommended 2 Burner Barbecue….

2 burner barbecues have been designed for the smaller garden with less storage space and perhaps smaller barbecue cooking requirements, we like the following barbecue as being a good name brand at a reasonable price, but why not check out all our gas barbecue deals.

Everest 2 Burner Gas Barbecue - Stainless Steel, Cast Iron Burners
Price: £229.99
You save: £20.00 (8%) (8 %)
1 new from £229.990 used

This may well be ideal for you if you’re not catering to a large crowd. However, we feature a range of 2 burner gas barbecues from a number of leading and highly-reputable brands which are well worth checking out. 2 burner barbecues are great for first-time buyers as well as those seeking a portable gas barbecue at an affordable price.

Best Deals on Gas Barbecues – Our Recommended 3 Burner Gas Barbecue….

3 burner gas BBQ‘s have grown in popularity over the years, and are proving to be a very popular model for families of all sizes with gardens big and small. This size of barbecue does not look out of place in smaller gardens, and yet are big enough to cope with the demands of a hungry family and their friends. It’s on this range that you can find some of the best deals to take advantage of from brands like Fire Mountain and Charles Bentley.

Fire Mountain, Everest 3 Burner Gas Barbecue - Stainless Steel
Price: £299.99
2 new from £299.990 used

Features you might find on 3 burner barbecues include cast iron grill plates, griddles, shelves, Piezo ignition and shelves as well as stainless steel or powder coated hoods. The vast majority of 3 burner barbecues are easy to manoeuvre.

Gas BBQ Deals – Our Recommended 4 Burner Barbecue….

Gas Barbecues have really captured the imagination of UK homeowners, and are now an integral part of most people’s idea of the perfect summer meal. However more burners and more cooking power doesn’t necessarily mean more expense.

Whilst our recommended model here is a high end, top brand model, you can find some great Gas BBQ deals and most 4 burner gas barbecues are very competitively priced, most will fall into the mid-price range of around £300 or less, which represents exceptional value for money.

Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue - Stainless Steel
Price: £349.99
1 new from £349.990 used

4 burner barbecues are great when you have a larger crowd of guests to accommodate. We feature a number of reasonably-priced 4 burner barbecues from the market’s top brands which mean cooking for more people doesn’t have to cost the earth.

We are able to introduce you to some of the most high-end models on the market as well as several mid-price, high-performance solutions. 4 burner barbecues are perfect for al fresco cooks and include products designed and manufactured from top names like Char-Broil and Napoleon. These are the best gas barbecues for many commercial and domestic customers.

Gas Barbecues are the cleaner and safer option!

Whilst some people still prefer the traditional smoky charcoal BBQ, most are moving towards the cleaner and safer option offered by gas burner barbecues. The increasing popularity in gas burner barbecues has seen a dramatic rise in sales over the past few years and has spawned a whole host of derivatives in all shapes and styles.

Gas v Charcoal – Advantage… Gas

If you’ve been wondering why so many people are opting for gas over charcoal when it comes to barbecues, let us explain. Charcoal barbecues are much more likely to leave your meat blackened and charred, whereas the gas solution means you can present your culinary delights perfectly. Gas barbecues are also noted for their cleanliness and the way they generally cook food much better without taking the delightfully smoky aroma of cooked meat and vegetables away from you.

More and more people are opting for gas BBQ deals over charcoal-based solutions, and there’s no sign of this trend waning. Cooking with gas is convenient, clean and fast. A quick press of the ignitor switch and the barbecue is lit. Compare that to the old charcoal barbecue, where you pile kindling over firelighters, place the charcoal over the embers and wait anything up to 40 minutes before you can get going. Charcoal barbecues need quite a lot of forward planning.

Gas however, is ready to use instantly. You get clean, healthy food and much less mess to clear up afterwards. The old charcoal barbecues have had their day and gas should now take centre stage and pride of place on your patio.

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Make the most of the sunshine

Barbecues can be enjoyed any day of the week, not just at the weekend. Some of the most popular foods that can be cooked on these versatile appliances include steaks, kebabs, hot dogs and burgers, and there’s no need for vegetarians to be left out in the cold either thanks to the various meat-free barbecue delights available to them.

Alfresco cooking also offers the perfect chance to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. If you seem to spend far too much time cooped up inside working, a barbecue could offer the perfect antidote to your daily chores. You can enjoy your garden whilst getting together with people you haven’t seen for way too long. You can even use a barbecue to get to know your neighbours and find out more about them.

Easy operation

Gas barbecues are normally simple to operate too, so if you’ve grown tired of doing all the cooking in the kitchen, why not enlist someone else to prepare the food? You can also try foods that you wouldn’t normally eat during a barbecue, experimenting with brand new marinade recipes or salads. Barbecues don’t take long to plan and can be held at very short notice. Even if your freezer isn’t currently stocked up with meat, you can always head to the supermarket quickly to get all the products that you require.

Quick cleaning

The post-barbecue workload isn’t as substantial as it might be when you are cooking in the kitchen since you can use disposable plates, knives and forks for serving food. A barbecue can be the ideal solution if you’ve grown tired of washing up and cleaning and fancy a night off such duties. Barbecues are also great for entertaining and capturing the imagination of children, which is one reason why people look for barbecue deals so frequently during the summer holidays.

Get the right BBQ deals

Although the combination of friends, family members, sunshine and the great outdoors is generally fantastic, it’s vital that you invest in the right cooking equipment to ensure your event is a success. At, we specialise in directing you to a wide range of BBQ deals to meet your needs, so let’s take a look at some of the options available to you right now.

Take a look at our range

Why not explore our range of featured gas BBQ deals right now? The benefits of using gas and searching for the best gas barbecue don’t end there. Gas barbecues are much faster, with the barbecue lighting up with just one flick of the ignitor switch, unlike with traditional charcoal barbecues where you can be waiting over half an hour to get things moving and need to spend a great deal of time planning ahead.

It’s widely agreed that the old charcoal portable gas barbecue is now past their sell-by-date and now need to make way for the superiority of their gas counterparts. Find the best gas barbecue deals at