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As the warm summer breeze carries the unmistakeable smell of deliciously cooked food around the neighbourhood, you instantly know another family is enjoying cooking a delicious meal outdoors within the confines of their garden. It’s a familiar scene throughout the country and without limitation.

Having a barbecue quite often involves getting together with friends and family, sharing the fun and usually with a few cold drinks too. However, putting aside the social aspect, the success and enjoyment of a barbecue is very much down to the cooking equipment itself. Grab a drink, take a browse and search for your ideal gas barbecue.

Great Gas Barbecue deals – Our Recommended 2 Burner Barbecue….

2 burner barbecues have been designed for the smaller garden with less storage space and perhaps smaller barbecue cooking requirements, we like the following barbecue as being a good name brand at a reasonable price, but why not check out all our gas barbecue deals.

Outback Excel 300 2 Burner Gas Barbecue
Price: £148.59
2 new from £148.590 used
  • As a bonus gift when you purchase any of our barbecues, you'll receive 2 fantastic BBQ E-Books which feature separate meat and vegetarian recipes, which you will receive via email. These are perfect for cooking on your new barbecue!
  • FREE Hose & Regulator Included
  • Side Burner for extra cooking space
  • Chrome Plated Warming Rack & Porcelain Coated Grill
  • One folding side table

Best Deals on Gas Barbecues – Our Recommended 3 Burner Gas Barbecue….

3 burner gas BBQ’s are proving to be a very popular model for families of all sizes with gardens big and small. This size of barbecue does not look out of place in smaller gardens, and yet are big enough to cope with the demands of a hungry family and their friends. It’s on this range that you can find some of the best deals.

Fire Mountain, Everest 3 Burner Gas Barbecue - Stainless Steel
Price: £169.99
You save: £20.00 (11 %)
1 new from £169.990 used

  • High quality, powerful and durable 3 burner barbecue
  • Premium long-life cast iron burners, grill plate and griddle
  • Piezo ignition, removable drip tray and two side shelves for convenient use
  • Stainless steel hood with wire warming rack and built-in temperature gauge
  • Dimensions: 130cm (W) x 106cm (H) x 56cm (D)

Gas BBQ Deals – Our Recommended 4 Burner Barbecue….

Gas Barbecues have really captured the imagination of UK homeowners, and are now an integral part of most people’s idea of the perfect summer meal. However more burners and more cooking power doesn’t necessarily mean more expense.

Whilst our recommended model here is a high end, top brand model, you can find some great Gas BBQ deals and most 4 burner gas barbecues are very competitively priced, most will fall into the mid-price range of around £300 or less, which represents exceptional value for money.

Char-Broil Performance Series T47G - 4 Burner Gas Barbecue Grill, Black Finish.
Price: £552.99
3 new from £552.990 used

  • TRU-Infrared Cooking System - cooks food evenly, prevents flare-ups to give up to 50% juicier food and uses up to 30% less gas.
  • Stainless Steel Burners - strong, durable burners that are built to last.
  • Surefire Electronic Igniter - light all your burners with the push of a button.
  • Grate-level Temperature Gauge - monitor and control the temperature of the independent cooking zones.
  • Side-burner - warm up sauces to complement your grill.
  • Warming Rack - keeps cooked food warm or ideal for burger buns or baguettes.
  • Side Shelves - a place to rest your grilling tools or useful work-space.
  • Cast Iron Cooking Grates - durable, rust-resistant and easy-to-clean.

Gas Barbecues are the cleaner and safer option!

Whilst some people still prefer the traditional smoky charcoal BBQ, most are moving towards the cleaner and safer option offered by gas burner barbecues. The increasing popularity in gas burner barbecues has seen a dramatic rise in sales over the past few years and has spawned a whole host of derivatives in all shapes and styles.

Advantage… Gas

Cooking with gas is convenient, clean and fast. A quick press of the ignitor switch and the barbecue is lit. Compare that to the old charcoal barbecue, where you pile kindling over firelighters, place the charcoal over the embers and wait anything up to 40 minutes before you can get going. Charcoal barbecues need quite a lot of forward planning.

Gas however, is ready to use instantly. You get clean, heathy food and much less mess to clear up afterwards. The old charcoal barbecues have had their day and gas should now take centre stage and pride of place on your patio.