Landmann Barbecues

If you’re looking to buy a premium gas barbecue for your garden, look no further than a Landmann barbecue. The Landmann brand has been creating innovative BBQs since 1966, firmly establishing itself as a leading player in the world of barbecuing over the past 40 years.

In fact, Landmann was the very first company to introduce BBQ appliances to the German market on a large scale. Today, it’s one of Europe’s biggest suppliers and the first point of call for barbecuing enthusiasts who are seeking reliable, safe practical and stylishly designed outdoor grills.

A trusted, family owned company

Despite Landmann’s huge international success over the years, the firm has always stayed true to its Hanseatic roots. It remains a completely family-owned company with a passion for manufacturing high quality and user-friendly barbecues.

A high level of workmanship goes into every appliance, ensuring that customers always receive robust, practical and expertly designed BBQs that promise an exceptional outdoor cooking experience. The team at Landmann continually strive to create attractive products that offer a good price/performance ratio, making sure that customers receive excellent value for money when they buy a BBQ from this leading brand.

A better alfresco cooking experience

 Whether your old barbecue has rusted though, or you fancy upgrading your current model to benefit from an altogether better alfresco cooking experience, look no further than a Landmann gas barbecue.

The brand’s impressive product range includes basic, two-burner models ideal for a small patio or balcony and four-burner BBQs with cast iron cooking grates and enamelled flame tamers. Whatever your barbecuing requirements, you can feel confident that a Landmann gas BBQ can meet them.

Landmann barbecues are easy to maintain too, requiring minimal effort to keep them in great shape. That means less time cleaning and more time cooking up a storm in your garden!