Barbecue Accessories

Barbecue Forks and BBQ Skewers, 100% Stainless Steel with Heat Resistant Wooden Handle, and Storage Bag
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  • √ GOOD QUALITY : 100% 304 stainless steel 3pcs U forks + 4pcs skewers with heat resistant wooden handle (No worry about getting scald) + storage bags for outdoor
  • √ ENOUGH BIG SIZE FOR MORE FOOD : U forks (L.480mm/18.9inch x W.105mm), Skewers(L.420mm/16.54inch), you can put more food and more efficient, of course, you can BBQ big size food like a whole chicken or pork feet, bag size: 18.9 * 4.1 * 1 inch
  • √ GIFT STURDY STORAGE BAG : Nylon turdy storage bags for outdoor, picnic, barbecue, easy to use and clean, can be used again, more vironmentally friendly
  • √ MORE SAFE AND EASY TO USE : 304 stainless steel U forks + 2CR13 stainless steel Skewers (stiffer than 304), long enough to keep a safe distance with heat resistant wooden handle
  • √ UNIQUE FLAT BLADE DESIGN : Our unique flat blade design ensures you that your skewers won't slip or spin on the BBQ, which means you can cook juicy chunks of meat to perfection every time
Stainless Steel Chicken Wing or Drumstick Rack for BBQ or OVen
Price: £14.95
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  • Eliminates Flare Ups from Chicken
  • Easy to Use - Easy to Clean - Non Stick
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Easily Cook Chicken
  • Oven or BBQ
The Man Apron
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  • The Man Apron is the alfresco chef's answer to Batman's utility belt
  • This black apron comes with pockets to separately hold your beer, matches, phone, ketchup and mustard
  • Pop the apron on and around your middle you'll find a BBQ tool rail to hang your spatula, tongs and tea towel on
  • There's even a bottle opener attached, the ultimate BBQ essential, and a detachable hood on the neck of the Man Apron
  • Comes in a branded Man Apron gift box
  • The apron is made from fire retardant material
ParaCity BBQ Barbecue Grilling Basket Roast Folder Tool with Wooden Handle (1PCS)
Price: £9.99
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  • Specification: 53cm x 23cm x 2cm
  • Main process: electroplating, not rust
  • Shape: square
  • Material: stainless steel wire + solid wood handle
  • Certified Italian food material for 3 to 5 people use
Beer Bird
Price: £12.90
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GreatGadgets 1880 Beer Holster "Classic"
Price: £16.90
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  • Cool holster for drink bottles and cans of up to 0.5 litres (not larger than 6.6 cm in diameter)
  • Fits all belts (not included in the delivery) of up to 4 cm in width; simply pull the belt through the holster loop
  • Hand-made from real leather, water-repellent surface and use of nylon threads and metal studs guarantee a solid, and durable product
  • Buy the original: developed in Germany, design patented throughout Europe
  • Ideal for barbecues, parties, stag dos, picnics, nights out with the boys and DIY jobs around the house; unique gift for all men (because a real cowboy needs his holster!)
Garden Drinks Wine Glass & Bottle Holder Set
Garden Drinks Wine Glass & Bottle Holder Set
Price: £10.99
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  • Easy to insert into grass or sand
  • No Tools required
  • Sturdy and Safe
  • Stylish design and fun to use
  • Powder coated finish
Joyoldelf Pulled Pork Shredder Meat Bear Claws Handler Shredding Forks Smoked BBQ Meat Grilling Accessories
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  • SHRED IN SECONDS BABY- Unleash your inner beast and shred that meat in seconds like you're a bear dominating in the woods. Typical steak knives, forks, and other kitchen cutlery will drag your shredding job on for minutes upon minutes and even hours. Forget that - use these simple, yet incredibly powerful meat claws to save a bunch of your time.
  • SHAPED LIKE BEAR PAWS, THE SHREDDING FORKS LET YOU TEAR, CARVE, OR LIFT HOT FOODS without burning your hands. The hollow-backed prongs improve grip so you can carry meat with ease or rip it as finely as you like. Use one pulled pork shredder to stabilize meat when carving.
  • EACH MEAT FORK SET CONTAINS TWO CLAWZ specially designed to offer optimum comfort. The handles are perfect for hands of any size, allowing you to work with all food items quickly while avoiding painful cramps. Toss or mix salads, lift or turn roasts, and serve shredded meats easily.
  • LASTS A LIFETIME- These claws are more durable than real bear paws - made with high-quality ABS plastic. You'll be scratching your head wondering why you haven't had these in your kitchen this whole time. Don't worry - these claws won't judge you.
  • DURABLE AND DISHWASHER-SAFE, the Beast Clawz pulling forks are a cinch to clean. Unlike an electric meat shredder, there is no disassembly, meat doesn't become stuck, and there's no tedious cleaning routine. You're also not limited by the size of meat or poultry you shred. From small chicken breasts to whole hogs, Beast Clawz does it all.