Bakerstone Pizza Oven Sits on your Gas BBQ Large 14" Ceramic Stone Baking Pizzer

The Bakerstone Pizza Oven effectively converts your existing gas BBQ into the perfect place to create the tastiest pizzas.

Adding a gourmet edge to your next al fresco dining experience, the patent-pending design allows the chef to raise the interior temperature of any grill to the same levels as a wood burning pizza oven.

Simply whip up the perfect base and select those toppings that keeps your mind firmly set on this Italian delicacy and you’re ready to go. The barbecue pizza oven promises an unmatched quality of baking while also ensuring you achieve an even bake throughout and exceptional cooking performance.

The design includes a stone backing chamber finished with a steel housing that has been specially chosen for its ability to create a unique air flow system. In turn, this improves the heat produced inside and allows you to create the perfect pizza without any fuss or stress.

The compact and sleek design features a temperature knob at the top allowing control of your cooking without the risk of injury while also sliding off easily for cleaning. When not in use, it can be stored in the smallest of sheds or garages without the bulk.

If pizza isn’t on the menu, this expert pizza oven is also able to cook bread and cookies along with producing succulent meats, vegetables and fish to your exact orders. It increases the internal temperature from 450F up to 750F in a short period of time and is sure to become a staple addition to BBQ season in your home.

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