Weber Spirit E-320 Classic Gas Grill, 3 Burners + Sideburner, Black (46415074)

Cook outdoors in style with the Weber Spirit E320 Classic barbecue. There’s no need to go indoors to sauté onions as there is a hob on the side, so why not make an accompanying sauce to wow your guests alongside the main dish.

The barbecue is designed to hide a 5kg patio gas bottle inside the cabinet. If you need more, then 13kg bottles can stand to one side.

Clever flavouriser bars add an extra dimension to the flavour of the food and utensils are close by on the side storage hooks.

There are three burners with a crossover ignition system. This means you light one burner and only need to turn the controls to light the other two. Leave the middle burner off and you can roast or bake inside the barbecue.

Close the enamelled lid and use the built-in thermometer to monitor progress. If you have a large feast to prepare, the warming plate will be a great help.

Weber Spirit E-320 Classic, Black