Pulled Pork Shredder Meat Shredding Forks

  • SHRED IN SECONDS BABY- Unleash your inner beast and shred that meat in seconds like you're a bear dominating in the woods. Typical steak knives, forks, and other kitchen cutlery will drag your shredding job on for minutes upon minutes and even hours. Forget that - use these simple, yet incredibly powerful meat claws to save a bunch of your time.
  • SHAPED LIKE BEAR PAWS, THE SHREDDING FORKS LET YOU TEAR, CARVE, OR LIFT HOT FOODS without burning your hands. The hollow-backed prongs improve grip so you can carry meat with ease or rip it as finely as you like. Use one pulled pork shredder to stabilize meat when carving.
  • EACH MEAT FORK SET CONTAINS TWO CLAWZ specially designed to offer optimum comfort. The handles are perfect for hands of any size, allowing you to work with all food items quickly while avoiding painful cramps. Toss or mix salads, lift or turn roasts, and serve shredded meats easily.
  • LASTS A LIFETIME- These claws are more durable than real bear paws - made with high-quality ABS plastic. You'll be scratching your head wondering why you haven't had these in your kitchen this whole time. Don't worry - these claws won't judge you.
  • DURABLE AND DISHWASHER-SAFE, the Beast Clawz pulling forks are a cinch to clean. Unlike an electric meat shredder, there is no disassembly, meat doesn't become stuck, and there's no tedious cleaning routine. You're also not limited by the size of meat or poultry you shred. From small chicken breasts to whole hogs, Beast Clawz does it all.

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Pulled Pork Shredder Meat Shredding Forks

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