Outdoorchef CTOUTD – Portable Gas barbecue, 42 x 48 x 50 cm, Black

A beautiful and attractive choice for anyone in the market for a portable BBQ, the Outdoorchef CTOUTD has a sleek and polished casing.

Sure to delight each and every single one of your guest, this rounded unit boasts two curved feet that provide exceptional support during use and ensure the safety of both the chef and anyone helping out. These legs are also capable of folding down towards the body of the cooker making it easy and convenient to transport the entire unit wherever the party relocates to.

The traditional style appeals to those with a penchant for classic design while also blending in well with contemporary surroundings. The unique manufacture presents you with a porcelain round grill that helps distribute heat evenly across the entire cooking area and ensuring your food is prepared according to your personal preferences.

A heat resistant handle has been integrated into the design for the safety of the user with a large carry bag also provided as standard to make transportation as quick and easy as possible.Your convenience has been taken into account at all times with the electric ignition producing exceptional heat within seconds – ideal for those unprompted meal times or moments when entertaining becomes essential.

The cooker uses a patented and unique system of roasting without briquettes which makes it ideal for roasting and promises to produce the most succulent meats imaginable. Finally, when it comes to clean up, a grease collecting compartment has been integrated into the design and can be removed easily before fitting in line with the rest of your cleaning routine.

  • Non-stick Round Iron grill.
  • Folding legs, main compartment and lid made of porcelain, includes a grease collecting compartment, as well as a bag for transporting the grill.
  • Patented and unique system of roasting without briquettes. Porcelain Round Grill (diameter: 42 cm) for roasting
  • Round porcelain barbecue.
  • Electric ignition.

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Outdoorchef CTOUTD – Portable Gas barbecue, 42 x 48 x 50 cm, Black

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Made by: Outdoorchef

Product Barcode (if available): 7611984007416