vidaXL Outdoor Kitchen Barbecue Montana 4 Burner Grill Garden Kitchen Silver

Fitting in beautifully with the decor of your existing garden, the VidaXL 40425 Barbecue has been manufactured from the most durable and hard wearing materials.

Ideal for hosting larger parties or entertaining the entire family during those warmer months, this attractive cooker boasts a number of rolling wheels that allows it to be transported to your ideal location before use.

Multiple shelves and storage areas have been fitted to either side and beneath the cooking area including a sauces rack and numerous drawers – bringing the close-to-hand convenience of your kitchen along with you when al fresco dining takes the fancy of your household.

The entire cooker is conveniently controlled by 5 switch buttons at the front which can be utilised to monitor the level of heat and the cooking style. Stainless steel burners distribute the heat evenly across the base of your pots and pans to reduce the risk of uncooked areas while also being easy to wipe clean and sanitise after use.

For those that favour the smoking or slow cooking version of food preparation, a hinged lid can be closed down to lock in heat with a clearly visible thermometer allowing you to keep track of everything. And when it comes time to wrap up or when switching between the prep of vegetables and meat, an integrated sink and tap can be used in a similar manner to your inbuilt model within your home.

A beautiful addition to your family and one that is sure to bring everyone together.

Outdoor Kitchen VidaXL 40425 Barbecue – 4 Burners