Gardeco Movo Portable Garden Oven

Offering a portable and compact solution to the traditional wood oven, this Gardeco Movo Portable Garden Oven ticks every single box.

For those afternoons when the sun is blazing and the entire family is arriving the celebrate, it comes out of its shell to deliver exceptional pizzas for everyone. Completely self-contained, it has been designed to required no additional heat source other than the existing coals used within your bbq and has a durable design allowing the inside to heat up quickly.

This form of cooking ensures the most consistent of bakes across the whole base of your pizza while also ensuring crisp and delectable meals after every single use. Eliminating the risk of smoke interference for other meals cooking alongside it, this barbecue pizza oven is suitable for use on both gas and charcoal machines.

If taking to the wilderness is more your thing, the BBQ can be heated using open fires and flames – expanding the scope of possibility from one compact machine. No need for additional thermometers, the front casing has an inbuilt temperature gauge which accurately the chef as to the temperature inside and helps to avoid overcooking or burning. A tempered glass door at the front features a viewfinder for monitoring your food during cooking with a non-heat conductive handle for easy access.

For versatility, the non-restrictive design can also be used to cook up other foods including vegetables, meats and fish, therefore providing more service for your money and ensuring this model will become much used over the years.

  • The MOVO is a portable self-contained garden oven, for outdoor use on your gas or charcoal BBQs or on large open fires
  • Similar in function to the Bakestone, the oven heats up with the fire underneath, allowing quick cooking and baking, including succulent pizzas without any smoke interference.
  • Suitable for use on gas or charcoal BBQs, or open fires
  • Complete with tempered glass window and temperature gage

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Gardeco Movo Portable Garden Oven

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