CIDBEST Safari Chef barbecue, multi-coloured

Anyone with an interest in al fresco cooking and dining will love the convenience of the Cadac Safari Chef. With it’s compact design, it can be easily transported to the location of your choice by packing easily into cars or other vehicles while benefiting from 3 sturdy legs that hold it securely during use.

Powered by gas and replenished using easy to find gas canisters, this attractive grill offers a unique alternative to the traditional round design with a polished black surface that appeals to the design enthusiast. Designed to stand perfectly on picnic tables or other portable tables, it benefits from a hard wearing grill that easily distributes heat for the most consistent cooking results in meat, fish and vegetables.

Easy to operate, this type of portable grill is perfect for use by anyone from the professional chef through to the amateur and offers the perfect meal preparation solution for anyone with a love of outdoor adventures and al fresco dining. For your convenience, the lid can also be flipped over and used as an additional cooking pan – perfect for those who love stir fries or forget to pack the correct pots.

The entire model is powered by either propane or butane canisters which are easily sourced when out and about and can be easily stored with the unit when not in use. A great option for camping, caravan holidays or even travelling to those important events where interior cooking just isn’t an option.

  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag.

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CIDBEST Safari Chef barbecue, multi-coloured

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Made by: CIDBEST

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